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Tiruchanur is a small village located in the Andra Pradesh 6 km from  Tirupati

Sri Padmavathi Temple Tiruchanur

railway station.This is the place where the living goddess Padmavathi. Buses for temple at every 5 minutes and the bus costs Rs.3 / -. You can also take taxi,auto to Tiruchanur temple of Sri Swamy Govindaraja at Rs.40 / – Must be prepared to negotiate with the drivers of the cars. In general, cars and folds around Tirupati, buses and jeeps hills. Sri Ramanuja vigraham found at the crossroads. This was installed as sign of respect for our Acharyar that contributed to a very large extent.

Go to Tiruchanur to get blessing Thayar. En route temple, we are faced

Sri Padmavathi Thayar / God Lakshmi

pushkarini and the path of one of  sides, there are many shops selling flowers, kumkum, coconut and other Pooja items, dolls, etc.

Seperate temple for the Lord Suryanarayan temple on the road side.Furthermore Sannidhi Thayar has Sannidhi for Venugopala Swamy, Srinivasa in the temple premises.

Thayar Darshan

  • Free Darshan Takes an hour.

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    1. Thayar darshan makes our mind very calm and peace

      • Tirupati says:

        The reason temple are builded using Rock stones and in mountains specially to make human mind and body calm and cure diseases.
        Foreign visit to lord balaji darshan increases because they founded in medical research in temple our body blood pressure is stabilized well.

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