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Suprabhata Seva

Suprabhata Sevai for 11 months unless Dhanur maasam, Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham, prapatti, provided by Sri Mangalasaasanam Prathivadhi Bhayankaran was read and during Maasam Dhanur

Anga Pradakshinam

The best way to provide obesiences the Lord and have his darshan without waiting in Q Angapradakshinam fact that dries all our sins. New TTD has introduced the rule that only 750 people are admitted  AngaPradakshinam one of which is to buy tickets in advance.  Free tickets are issued to counter opposite Arjitha Seva  Q Complex at 08:00 every day Vaikuntam. Believer who wants to do  Angapradakshinam must personally go there because of the thumb print measures that have been examined and checked the next day.

For Anga Pradakshinam , the faithful devotee have bath in Swami mandatory
Pushkar and wet clothes, need to go vaikuntam Q complex of the whole Q 02:00 Am.There are separate queues for men and women. You can find the fans singing devotional songs and makes Govinda Naama SMARANAM. Once the Suprabhatham begins,devotees is admitted to the start anga pradakshinam (men and women separately,ladies start Angapradakshinam first),Angapradakshina devotees allowed for free darshan of Perumal darshanam,Once Ubhayadhars for Suprabhata seva is completed. Having darsanam in turn, calls for urgent and Friday as Perumal Thirumanjanam done, the devotees are not allowed inside Bangaru Vaakili. Garuda may have only darshanam Sannadhi.It should be noted that children are not allowed to enter while Angapradakshinam. Cases in children with him, you have to wait Outside near the Mahadwaaram.

Thomala Seva

Thomala Seva starts around 03:45 and lasts 45 minutes. This is where the Perumal Seva adorned with flowers of every kind. Pushpa kainkaryam made by Periazhwar Perumal, Sri Andal, Thondaradipodi Azhwar Anantazhwar and can not be described. Thomala Seva Seva is where the Lord of Seven Hills is decorated with beautiful fragrant flowers. This seva, Thiruppavai was read, and many of the basket of flowers offered to the Lord. The devotees, who pay Rs.220 / – in this seva seva can sit and watch half an hour.

Archana Seva

Every day is Archanai is done three times to Perumal-one in the morning
Only in morning, devotees can participate in all daily except on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and during Brahmotsavams). Seva ticket is Rs.220 / – worth. Archana The second is done noon and third takes place at night.
During Archana are devotees sit in front of almost Perumal half an hour to see that Archana is a feast for the eyes. 1,008 names of the Lord recited slowly and clearly a Pandit. (When we participated in this sevai, a Saivite Pandit was naamams edition) Inside garbagriham pujari second pushpaarchanai Perumal is not a sacred Feet.

Archana Anantara Seva

Arjitham is Rs 100 / – per head and thousands of tickets issued this Seva. The faithful devotess have the opportunity to go on and have darsanam Perumal’s in Q.Five and a half-6.30am every day except Friday.

Nija Paada Sevai

(5:30 to 06:30 only on Fridays) – Only on Friday devoted to
bhaagayam have Darshan Perumal feet Santo (Brahma KADIGINA PAADAMU dictated by Annamayya) and the devotee who has this darshanam to get rid of the cycle of birth and death. Currently, TTD has come out with two new systems – DASAVARSHA DARSHINI and VIMSATHI VARSHA DARSHINI schemes.

Dasavarsha Darshini

The amount deposited is Rs.50, 000 / – and devotion plus 3 people would be allowed to participate in Suprabhatham and Archanaanantara darshanam for 2 days a year for 10 years. Free Accommodation will be provided to donors for 3 days

Vimsathi Varsha Darshini

The amount deposited Rs.1 lakh a devotees plus 6 people involved participate Suprabhatam, Archanananthara Darsan and Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva for 2 days in a year for 20 years. Free accommodation will be provided for donors for 3 days


This is not a paid Seva and Sri Vaishnavites who know pasurams Saatrumarai allowed in this Seva. Devotees must have all the looks of that interest Srivaishnavite shaven, has a girudha a kudumi

Visesha Pooja

This seva, Archanai performed with Perumal bilva out on Monday. Thayar love leaving bilva archana be made.

Asthadala Paada Padmaaradhanamu

During this seva which is held every Tuesday Sahasra Naama Archana is
peformed to the Lord with golden lotus flowers 1008

Sahasra Kalasaabhishekam

During this seva performed on Wednesday that utsavar abhishekam carried out with the 1008 kalasams

Thiruppavada Sevai Annakootam

During the morning, Seva, Thursday, large quantities of various prasadam cooked and piled on the ground as Perumal Thirumugam near the front of the Perumal Garuda sannadhi. A variety of delicacies such as Pongal Chakari Pulihora etc. piled on the floor. In this seva, Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy, who is always linked to through the umbilical Moolavirat gold is mandapam mouth and brought Bangaru Vaakili neivedyam is offered. The enormous volume of neivedyam is rapidly removed by the poor that would be waiting outside. Archakars also enjoy a share.Many prasadam is distributed during this seva and it is believed that Who is this seva is not shortage of food in their lives.

Poolangi Seva and Netra Darsanam

In all Thursday night in preparation for the next day Thirumanjanam, all precious ornaments except haraam Lakshmi, Sankhu Chakram and withdrew from Thirumeni Perumal Perumal and is fully decorated with a wide variety of flowers. Even Perumal KAAPU THIRUMAN “which covers his eyes are removed and Thursday night devotees can be NETRA DARSANAM and Perumal. This is a very eye exciting and we should not miss having darsanam Netra Perumal.

Vastralankarana Seva Thirumanjanam

Seva costs Rs.12, 500 / –  Couples are only allowed. Seva must be booked at least 3 years in advance.Vastram reserves and is No. 1.This seva is reserved til 2015.This is best among all Sevas because couples are allowed to sit in his holy presence of more than 1 ½ to 2 hours. Only the blessed occasionThirumanjanam perform to the Lord, which affected the whole world and lying on a small child during the banyan leaves Pralaya, Lord, covered the 14 worlds with three steps. Lord Srinivasa is known for its 3 guna sowseelyam, and sowlabhyam vatsalyam.

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