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This is the most important festival that attracts lakhs Tirumala  devotees of this holy place. Since this was the first execution by Lord utsavam Brahma, this is called Brahmotsavam.

The Brahmotsavam begins DwajaArohanam (hosting the flag at Deva Dwajasthambam to participate in a function), the first day morning. At this time navadhaaniyangal (9 types of grains) were observed. After the flag is hosted, people who are present at function close to a mile should not be left until the Hills Brahmotsavam is complete.

Palakas dig Ashta (guardian deities and the eight directions, and all otherDeva as Agni, Surya, Indra, etc are invited and offered their seats You can find these colorful vigrahams deities in their assigned places that is a feast for the eyes.

To Brahmotsavam, Sri Swamy came Malayappan in procession around the four mada streets and at times is accompanied by Sridevi and wives Bhoodevi.
The Lord Venkateswara Brahmotsavam is carried out according Vaikansa Agama. Every day during the Brahmotsavam, homas are held in yagasala. The procession included a ritual and equipment chatram and chamaram, bulls, horses and elephants after Mangala vaadyams Vedic recitals and singing bhajans and Divya Prabhandas. Just before the evening procession begins, Unjal Seva is performed to the Lord. At that time, sankeerthanas  Annamacharya are sung by her descendants.

Day Time Processional deity Vaahanam Importance
1 Morning Malayappa Swamy with others Dwajaarohanam Begninning Day
1 Evening Malayappa Swamy with others Pedda Sesha

vaahanam (

2 Morning Only Malayappa Swamy Chinna Sesha


2 Evening Only Malayappa Swamy Hamsa vahanam Between Good and bad
3 Morning Only Malayappa Swamy with Diamond Crown and Gem Earrings Simha vahanam Omnipotence
3 Evening Malayappa Swamy with others Muthyala

Pandiri (muthu

pandal- pearls)

Loyality and Purity importance to life
4 Morning Malayappa Swamy with others Kalpaka




4 Evening Malayappa Swamy with others Sarva Bhoopala


All governors bow DeliveryLord and assume Form vahanam
5 Morning Malayappa Swamy dressed as Mohini and Krishna-Mohini has garland of pearls and diamonds Keep in Golden parrot on a lotus in Right-handed From Srivilliputtur Ivory inlaid


Mohini and


To celebrate rend.by taking form Mohini, thebeautiful and Amritham attention to the Devas
5 Evening Swamy Malayappa – Khanty and MakaraLakshmi Haaram led by Moolavar is decorated, AP Government introduces Vastram Sesha, umbrella has of Srivilliputturthe more imp. Day Attracting nearly 2-lakhs of devotees Garuda also

known as Peria


embodiment of

Vedas –the most



Darshanam rid of sins and moksham attained
6 Morning Only Malayappa Swamy Hanumantha


To remind us of contribute to Hanuman
6 Evening Malayappa Swamy with others Chariot in Golden Darshanam rid of sins and moksham attained
7 Morning Malayappa Swamy with stone studded crown Gaja vahanam (Elephant) Wealth,Moksham attained
7 Evening Malayappa swamy with pearls decorated Surya-Prabha Sun God drives Undercarriage 7horses Lord is the light

of all lights

8 Evening Malayappa Swamy with others Chandra Prabha astride Moon God, thecommand mental and a king ausudha (Medicine) Peace to the

mind,Pearls symbolize the peace

9 Morning Malayappa Swamy with others Chariot in Wooden Relieve from the cycle of birth and death
9 Evening Only Malayappa Swamy Aswa vaahanam Horses Energy
10 Morning Malayappa Swamy with others and Sudarshana Chakram End of Brahmotsavam Theerthavari Thirumanjanam made for Lord banks of Swami Pushkar and Sudarshana Chakra is immersed in Pushkar. This that time innumerable Devotees immerse sacred waters.

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